Dr Jacqueline Jacobs

Dr Jacqueline Jacobs

Mestrado em Medicina Dentaria (Dental Medicine) Fernando Pessoa University 2017
DDS Minas Gerais 1992
MDM (Portugal) DDS (Brazil)
GDC No. 155186

After running her own dental practice as a qualified dentist in Brazil for just over 10 years and achieving a coveted Diploma in Dental Science at the University of Dentistry in Minas Gerais, Jacqueline moved to the UK only to discover that her qualifications were not recognized in the EU.

Jacqueline then spent the next 11 years gaining valuable UK dental experience as a senior Dental Nurse and then Practice Manager before retaking and then passing with distinction all the examinations required to reach EU standards.

A shining example to all that seek to better themselves, Jacqueline has now officially launched her own practice and is a fully GDC qualified dental surgeon with over 30 years’ experience in private dentistry behind her.

She is passionate about all aspects of the dentistry world and strives to make every patients’ experience as informed and as enjoyable as possible.

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Campos Dental

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